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Many people might question why a company would donate to Citizens Advice, yet more companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of having the CAB mediating in disputes. Citizens Advice often mediates when problems arise and helps both parties to reach an amicable agreement. Companies will often prefer to signpost a customer to the CAB than become embroiled in legal arguments. Even many debt collection companies prefer to deal with us than directly with the client because they know we will produce a fair evaluation for all concerned.
Companies are increasingly realising that the best way to recoup outstanding debts is often to help their customers find ways to repay the money they owe, rather than waste money on court orders and collection agencies to the point where the debt is never reclaimed or bad publicity is generated.

It is true that the CAB often works on behalf of its clients and has their best interests at heart, but we are also impartial. We have built a firm reputation for impartiality and many people are realising the value and benefit of this aspect of our work. If we believe a client is in error or being unfair we will make them aware of it and not undertake a case where we believe the client is in the wrong. In short, we take time to inform our clients of both their rights and their responsibilities.

Many companies already support Harlow CAB, and do so in many ways. Sometimes it’s by providing materials (something a simple as a box of envelopes), a service or facilities, sometimes simply a financial donation. Any help is welcome, however small. If you are interested in helping Harlow CAB and the people of Harlow, or simply want know more about what we do, please contact us at 

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