MP Surgery Appointments

All Harlow Citizens have the right to see their Member of Parliament about issues affecting them from current legislation and law. It gives people the opportunity to meet and discuss issues on a one to one basis with their MP.
Robert Halfon MP for Harlow is holding regular surgeries at CAB Harlow and other local venues.

You will need to book an appointment to meet your MP . You can find out when your MP has their surgery by checking his website at

or by telephoning his office on

01279 311451.

Before you go to your MP's surgery may wish to send him a letter first. This will help you clarify what you wish to discuss, but remember to keep a copy for yourself and bring it with you.   When you are attending your MP's surgery make sure you do your research first. It may help to take a sheet of paper with a small number of bullet points on it in addition to any copies of letters you have already sent.

Be specific. Don't just have a general moan. Detail exactly why you are unhappy with a particular aspect of law, policy or Parliamentary Bill. Appointment time is limited, so following the advice here can make sure you are able to put your point across in the time available.












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