Are you a Veolia Water Account Holder? If yes, the Citizens Advice Bureau can help you!



If you are a domestic customer of Veolia Water struggling to pay off your current water arrears, let alone the new bill that will be arriving, help is at hand to assist you in negotiating affordable repayments to your creditors and possibly receiving an award to pay off your arrears.

An application to Veolia Water Trust can not only help with water arrears but in some cases result in awards to pay off gas and electricity arrears as well. Our advisers have helped Veolia Water customers in Harlow to balance their family budgets, negotiate affordable repayments to their creditors and gain assistance. In addition, some customers have been helped to gain payments for a washing machine, electric cooker and bankruptcy fees, come to agreements about Council Tax arrears and avoid bailiff action. Contact us

Examples include:

  • A young mother from Harlow in her twenties with two children on benefits had water arrears of £456. After assistance from our adviser in drawing up a family budget Veolia Water Trust agreed to make her an award to pay off the arrears provided she kept to an affordable payment plan for her current water bill for the next six months.  
  • A widowed mother in her fifties with two teenage children, unable to work due to long term back and knee pain, was facing severe hardship trying to repay debts of over £8,000. Our adviser gave her assistance with claiming some additional benefit payments and negotiating affordable repayments of £2 to £5 per week with her creditors. She received an award from Veolia Water Trust of £1,284 to pay off her arrears provided she kept to an affordable payment plan for her current water bill.
  • A 31 year old single man on Incapacity Benefit due to mental health problems, who had been living in his one bedroom rented property without a cooker for over twelve months because he did not want the worry of getting into debt, was awarded an electric cooker by Veolia Water Trust with our adviser’s assistance.
  • A divorced man in his forties with three dependant children who regularly stay with him and gas and water arrears of £755 was made a conditional award of £486 from Veolia Water Trust to pay off his Veolia Water arrears in full. Our adviser also successfully negotiated with his gas supplier to accept a £5 per week offer of repayment towards his gas arrears.

Our advisor Karen Protheroe, said “We are expecting more demand than ever this year due to the hard winter pushing up people’s utility bills and loss of income through reduced working hours and unemployment. People shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for the help that’s available for them. This service is funded by the Veolia Water Trust and like all CAB services it is free and confidential”.



Making Contact with the Money Advice Service

Domestic customers of Veolia Water having difficulty with their bills can request appointments with Karen Protheroe on 01279 430767 or emailing

Organisations can similarly make referrals to the advice service (with the consent of their client to being contacted by CAB).


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Harlow Citizens Advice Bureau

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