Friends of Harlow CAB exists to support the Harlow Citizens Advice Bureau in its charitable work within the community.

It does this by encouraging the staff and volunteers, and by arranging events and activities which promote friendship within the Bureau and raise money to help in its work.

Friends of Harlow CAB is always looking for new members to arrange or assist with these events and activities, and to generate new ideas.


Friends of Harlow CAB (ANNUAL REPORT)


This year has been a year of restructuring and reshaping for Friends, since the move from the old premises. Very many thanks are due to everyone who committed to Friends throughout last year and special reference should be made to Ann Nutt for all of her hard work as the previous Chair of Friends of Harlow CAB. The events and activities that were established then will gradually be phased back in.

We took a new approach in June, for National Volunteers week, by bringing the work of Harlow CAB into the Harvey Centre via the use of a stand, literature and a dedicated team of volunteers and staff. Several new volunteers were successfully recruited and we intend to run this again in June 2012.

We are looking at a number of innovative ways of promoting the profile of Friends and Harlow CAB, within the local community;


Ongoing works include developing mutually beneficial working relationships with local businesses and their employees, and the promotion of Friends to volunteers at induction stage to provide an inclusive option to those who may not have time for a regular weekly commitment.

We are optimistic that this will be the year in which Friends generates a great deal of interest and that the group will develop a solid base, enabling many events and activities to be organised throughout 2012. After all, that’s what Friends are for!

        Lou Moon                          ~ On behalf of Friends of Harlow CAB.


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